Thursday, April 23, 2009

A baby Charcoal

Little Miss Lola, the baby Maltese!!

8x10 Charcoal on Rives Paper

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goodland - Plein Air

A small fishing village...
8x10 oil on panel

The Florida Gulf - Plein Air

Beautiful morning and the seas begin to swell!
6x8 Oil on panel

Rough waters! Done with painting knife, no brushes!!
6x8 oil on panel

Isle of Capri - Plein Air

Want to rent a kayak? It's difficult to paint when the subject starts to disappear...kayaks got rented out. I had to finish from a photo!
12x14 oil on canvas

Marco Island Canal

Open water canel view
8x10 Oil on panel

Tigertail Beach - Plein Air

The snack shack at the beach!

8x10 oil on board

Goodland - Plein Air

Stan's at Goodland (before the party begins!)
12x14 Oil

Palm Tree - Plein Air

Florida Palm
8x10 Oil

Cemetary Chapel - Plein air

Marco Island Cometary Chapel
8x10 Oil

Shell Road - Plein Air

This one done where the kayaks and canoes play!
8x10 Oil

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Beach - Plein Air

Marco Island Beach

Sunset over the Gulg

A couple of seashells.

From the beach...
All 6x8 oil on board

Trompe L'oel Window

I realized my guest room only has one created a new one..

20x14 Oil on Canvas

Florida La-la-land

As we prepare to leave La-la-land, I realize while I painted alot, I didn't post anything. Here's we go!!