Friday, September 9, 2011

James Hempel Workshop- Aug. 25-28

We had the best workshop ever...perfect weather and 7 artists / students!
Here are samples of the art and samples of the fun!!
Sunrise and moon set...beautiful morning (5:30 A.M.)

Love the look on Caroline's face....pure pleasure!

More Workshop Pix

The Artists - Jim, Rick, Gary, Caroline, Mary, Rich and Florie
Mary working that sunset!

Incredible output from the workshop!

 The artwork stretched forever...around 50-60 pieces!
 Caroline's best stuff!
 Here's a grouping of mine!
 Rick worked a couple of days on this beauty!
 Jim Hempels portrait demos!
Well done, Mary!!

My favorites!

Of the 11 I did, these are the ones I liked best and put in frames...
 8x10 Wood Pile
 6x8 Sunrise
 Another 6x8 sunrise
 I like this one - 5x7
 8x10 Spider Lake
8x8 looking down on the rowboat