Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recent completed pieces...

 This 8x10 Charcoal / pastel is from a photo of my beautiful Grandson, "Ryan" at 5 days old!

This Oil painting is "Asher", my grand  nephew! (11x14)

This is a small 9x12 oil on linen panel done at the request of an old friend -
"The Plovers (Sandpipers) at Marco Island"

Northwoods Outdoor Artists

I had a great calender arranged but unfortunately, only spotty participation for me.  I was back and forth to Milwaukee a bunch, had lots of Camp visitors and some lousy weather all causing me to miss painting opportunities.  Here are just a couple that I completed and liked...

"Popcorn Anyone?"  9x12 on Linen Panel - (Sold upon completion!)

Birdhouse at Marywood!

Summer 2013 Update

It's been and crazy busy summer so I haven't had time to update this blog.

FINALLY....I've found a minute!!  We had a wonderful workshop at Camp Enders again this summer with James Hempel as the teacher!  Long days, lots of painting and amazing fun!! for the some of the product....these were all done 'Plein Air' (on location taking about a half hour to 2 hours)

Great Group!  Great Friends!