Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Rutledges enjoying a day at the beach!

This painting was done at their request!  They particularly wanted to demonstrate the quiet, peacefulness of the Marco Island Beach!

11x14 Oil on Canvas

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recent projects

As we come to the end of our Florida visit this year, I'm torn between 'cleaning up' and just continue to paint....
Here's some of the recent pieces...

'Ranger' is a hound that was rescued by friends, Mitch and Kathy Eil and lives at Club Marco and Albany, NY.  (8x10 Charcoal)

'Bistro Soleil' is an old hotel / restaurant in Old Marco (8x10 oil done Plein Air)

'Old Marco Lodge and CrabHouse' was painted from the frontage of the Little Bar Restaurant on Goodland
(9x12 Oil done Plein Air)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Left Bank Show #3

                                                        24" x 12"  Yellow Foot Egret

                                                          12" x 12"  - Pink / Red Hibiscus

This lovely egret was the newest addition to my show inventory.  He didn't sell so I'll get to live with him til next season.  I did sell 4 paintings including my big Pelican.  It was a very successful season .  There is talk of changing the 'Left Bank Show' format for next year so we'll see what happens.
These were the other pieces which were sold....