Friday, September 14, 2012

Hempel Plein Air Workshop - August 2012

We enjoyed 3 intensive days of painting under the direction of James Hempel.  We worked hard from sunrise to sunset and in the evenings, laughed alot!! It's an exhaustive workshop but really outstanding!  What a great group of artists and friends!!

Back row - Rick and Carolyn, Me
Front row - Rick, James, Roxanne, Mary, Mike
8x10 Oil

8x8 oil  - Plein Air Petunias on the rainy day!
Discovery Center Canoe - 9x12 Oil
Fisherman on Spider Lake - 9x12 Oil

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Paintings

Finally getting a chance to upload some of the summer paintings.
 This wonderful, old cabin belongs to our friends on Lake Keesus.  The painting was a present for a special birthday!!
 Sir Frederic is a very cocky peacock who used to strut his stuff at Monches Farms.  I understand he was asked to leave....too noisy!!

Wonderful downtown Minocqua, WI.  Quaint and fun!  The Fudge Shoppe is never to be missed!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Rutledges enjoying a day at the beach!

This painting was done at their request!  They particularly wanted to demonstrate the quiet, peacefulness of the Marco Island Beach!

11x14 Oil on Canvas

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recent projects

As we come to the end of our Florida visit this year, I'm torn between 'cleaning up' and just continue to paint....
Here's some of the recent pieces...

'Ranger' is a hound that was rescued by friends, Mitch and Kathy Eil and lives at Club Marco and Albany, NY.  (8x10 Charcoal)

'Bistro Soleil' is an old hotel / restaurant in Old Marco (8x10 oil done Plein Air)

'Old Marco Lodge and CrabHouse' was painted from the frontage of the Little Bar Restaurant on Goodland
(9x12 Oil done Plein Air)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Left Bank Show #3

                                                        24" x 12"  Yellow Foot Egret

                                                          12" x 12"  - Pink / Red Hibiscus

This lovely egret was the newest addition to my show inventory.  He didn't sell so I'll get to live with him til next season.  I did sell 4 paintings including my big Pelican.  It was a very successful season .  There is talk of changing the 'Left Bank Show' format for next year so we'll see what happens.
These were the other pieces which were sold....

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recent Charcoal paintings....done for friends!

I completed 2 charcoals this last month for friends of mine. 
This little guy is the Great-grandson of my good friends the Chadwicks.  I had a tough time deciding whether to make him a Red Sox or Yankee fan.!  (8x10) 

Sadie, Sadie, pretty lady!  This little girl was rescued by my good friends, Ann and Gene D'Onofrio!

Left Bank Show #2 - March 11, 2012

11x14  Orange Nosed Gulls

20x20    White Hibiscus

8x10   Resident's Beach Chickee Huts
6x8  The Jolley Bridge

My Show setup....I added the display panels and the Banner!
I did very well at the 2nd Left Bank Show.  I sold 4 pieces!!  One was my favorite Hibiscus along with a new painting of the seagulls that I had just finished the night before.  The last show is tomorrow!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marco Island 'Left Bank Art Show'

I participated in the 'Left Bank' show on Sunday, February 12, 2012.  It was a VERY cold day (for Florida!) and windy.  I got lucky by getting a somewhat protected location without much wind and the sun did shine on me enough to warm us a little bit.

I had great success at the show by selling 5 pieces!  That was fun!!!
Here's a couple pictures of my setup and the picture that appeared in the local paper.

This last picture includes my friend Ann D'onofrio posing as an interested appeared in the Marco Eagle!

I finished 2 these small canvases for the 'Left Bank Art Show' on Marco Island - February 12, 2012

 This Florida Pelican is 12" x 24" oil on linen canvas

This small hibiscus is 12" x 12 oil on linen canvas

Monday, January 30, 2012

First Florida Plein Air of the season - the Everglades

Another trip to the Everglades.  The puffy clouds helped the simplicity of the palm tree skyline.

November & December Studio Paintings

A view of the Isaac Evans from the Island
A couple cute kids walking the Marco Island beach at sunset