Monday, May 16, 2011

Studio Paintings

12x14 oil on linen
This kayak painting was done in December '10 from a photo taken in Florida earlier in the year. The kayak tour was just returning from an outing!

12x14 oil on Linen

Painted 5/11

I took the photo source for this little turtle on Island lake from my Kayak! Cute little guy relaxing among the lily pads!

The Charles Allis PA Event

I participated in the first Charles Allis PA event. 3 days of cold, rain and wind!! Only 4 artists participated....too bad!

Charles Allis Mansion,
Historical Site and Museum

8x10 Oil
the view from under the Arches

Monches Farm in Colgate, WI

Painting with Jim Hempel always proves fruitful! A fun day at the farm / garden center.

9x12 oil
the chicken house

8x10 oil
Watching the storm come in!

Last Florida PA

A little 6x8 done on my Cigar box, sitting in the sand!!

Bye Bye to Florida til January!!